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Flowers delivery to Bucharest & Romania - Women's DayA Stylish Flower Design

Looking for a stylish flower design, that helps you convey your feelings exactly? Whether you want to say “Thank you”, “Sorry”, “I Love You” or “Get well”, RomanianFlowerShop.com bespoke gift bouquets are the perfect way to send your message in style and with a personal touch. Our experience and reputation for unrivalled quality reveal in each and every one of our designs.


Come into our world of flowers, a world of romance, joy and inspiration. Flowers are our passion and we hope you enjoy our flowers designs.


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Send flowers to Bucharest


$94       Free Delivery Send flowers to Romania.

Florist Bucharest

My Sweet Valentine

$139       Free DeliverySend flowers to Romania.

Florist in Bucharest flowers delivered.

Best Wishes

$77       Free DeliverySend flowers to Romania.

Flower delivery Romania :: Send flowers Online

My Sweetest

$87       Free DeliverySend flowers to Romania.

Flowers Bucharest same day florists. Mothers day flowers. 

Magical Arrangement

$182     Free DeliverySend flowers to Romania.

Florist in Bucharest flowers free delivery.

Carnival of Colors

$106      Free DeliverySend flowers to Romania.

Flowers to Romania

Spring Surprize

$65       Free DeliverySend flowers to Romania.

flowers delivered romania

Love Letter

$103       Free DeliverySend flowers to Romania.




our goal,  
at RomanianFlowerShop.com, is to deliver the freshest flowers and most beautiful flower bouquets, to make your flowers delivery a truly special occasion. That's why we've designed a unique collection of flower arrangements that can be delivered anywhere in Romania. We make sure every last detail is perfect.




PIETROSANI : Romania :: Same Day flowes delivery to PIETROSANI and Surrounding Area. Send flower bouquets & arrangements to PIETROSANI : Romania!
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Our Guarantee -> We Keep Customers Coming Back!
RomanianFlowerShop.com has been specializing in flowers delivery to Romania with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the product that has been delivered, please notify us within two days and we will replace or refund it.

Flower Delivery to PIETROSANI and Surrounding Area
Same day flower delivery service to PIETROSANI, Surrounding Area and next day flowers delivering to any city in Romania.

PIETROSANI : ROMANIA : Flowers Delivery Time
We assure flower delivery in PIETROSANI from Monday to Sunday. Your flowers will be delivered the same day, when the order is placed online prior to 5 p.m. Romania time (GMT + 2).

If the recipient is at work all day, we suggest sending the flower arrangement to the workplace.

Order Confirmation
When you purchase online, you will receive an online summary-receipt with an order number, which is your order proof. After the delivery is made, we will send you a personal delivery confirmation e-mail, which is your proof that your flowers order was successfully delivered.

Scheduling Deliveries
Occasionally, various factors may prevent a timely delivery from occurring after this personal response is sent to you. These may include: incomplete recipient address information; recipient is not at the delivery address to receive flowers, or other extenuating and unforeseen circumstances. We recommend filling out the recipient portion of our online order form fully and as accurately as possible, to ensure timely delivery is made. If you have any concerns regarding the delivery status of an order and require immediate feedback, please contact us by e-mail.

Holiday Occasion Orders
For deliveries on the eve of busy holiday times we always recommend placing your order well in advance. Christmas, Valentine's and Mother's Day are generally the busiest flower-giving times during the year.

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  1. Be Mine

    Be Mine

    The best shared moments in life are all about the purity of expressing your love Read more
  2. Joyful Bouquet

    Joyful Bouquet

    Spread the love and joy in someone’s house or office with this cheerful bouquet Read more
  3. Dream With Me

    Dream With Me

    Peonies and Anthurium come together in a bouquet that makes an impression through its elegance and refined taste Read more
  4. I Love You

    I Love You

    If you're looking for a special way to say “I Love You!” this red heart shaped carnation arrangement is the perfect expression of your passionate feelings Read more
  5. Pastel Smile

    Pastel Smile

    A bright arrangement of pastel colored flowers that give a touch of freshness and distinction to any house or office and puts a big smile on anybody’s face. Read more
  6. Pink Hug

    Pink Hug

    The beauty of these flowers can’t pass unnoticed Read more
  7. Sweet Dream

    Sweet Dream

    You can dream with your eyes closed or opened, but this arrangement is just like a sweet dream that can be offered for any occasion Read more
  8. Warm Embrace

    Warm Embrace

    A sensual arrangement of two exotic anthuriums, three yellow cymbidium orchids, greenery and accessories, embraced in a red ceramic vase will send your message of warm feelings Read more
  9. Best Wishes

    Best Wishes

    Fresh and fragrant, this charming mix of roses, astrometry and chrysanthemums sends your message of best wishes in a neutral and discreet manner Read more
  10. Cheerful Day Bouquet

    Cheerful Day Bouquet

    Whether you want to wish someone “Happy Birthday” send your “Congratulations” or simply cheer someone’s day, this colorful and dynamic bouquet conveys your exact intentions. Read more
  11. Pink Feeling

    Pink Feeling

    These delicate orchids give a distinct note of elegance and mystery to this arrangement Read more
  12. Exotic Queen

    Exotic Queen

    The eccentric color mix of roses and alstroemeria flowers, stylishly arranged in this exotic bouquet, make us thrill when realizing how beautiful life is when surrounded by flower Read more
  13. Sweet Kiss

    Sweet Kiss

    An arrangement that captures the vivid colors of the flowers and their perfect mixture, orchids, peonies, lilies and tulips make this arrangement a magical gift Read more
  14. Congratulations!


    A surprising combination of delicate roses and extravagant Anthurium, in an arrangement that makes the perfect way to say "Congratulations!" Read more
  15. Sweet Kisses

    Sweet Kisses

    If you are looking for an arrangement that shows your deep affection, while enchanting the recipient with its beauty and freshness, this is the perfect choice Read more
  16. Abundance of Colour

    Abundance of Colour

    Rich in colors bouquet for someone special Read more
  17. My Sweetest

    My Sweetest

    This delightful mix of fresh pink and orange blooms is a tempting choice for any day of the week. Read more
  18. Glimmery  Dream

    Glimmery Dream

    Charming orchids and extravagant tulips are beautifully arranged in a glass vase to bring color and magic every day. An arrangement that you can give with any occasion. Read more
  19. Beside You

    Beside You

    Discover the elegance and beauty of nature which give shape to the flowers in this arrangement. Read more
  20. Don’t Forget Me Bouquet

    Don’t Forget Me Bouquet

    A gorgeous bouquet of roses, decorated with great ornamental leaves that brings the warmth, joy and beauty of nature in the heart of the person receiving it. Read more
  21. Nature Wealth

    Nature Wealth

    We combined the elegance and fragrance of three red Roses with freshly picked Fruits Read more
  22. Mysterious Smile

    Mysterious Smile

    The Orchids and Tulips of this arrangement express your sincere feelings to your loved one Read more
  23. Christmas in Red

    Christmas in Red

    Surprise your loved ones with this superb and full of Christmas joy arrangement. The Christmas is here , so fulfill the hearts with happiness and magic feelings. It is so easy to make someone happy only you have to do is to send all your love with this marvelous arrangement. Read more
  24. Everyday


    Gifted by nature with a special beauty, Gladioli and Carnations give color and naturalness to this arrangement Read more
  25. Flowers for Soul

    Flowers for Soul

    The white color of Roses, Freesia and Anthurium gives this bouquet a touch of elegance and purity that will impress and delight the purest soul. Read more
  26. New Year in Red in Red

    New Year in Red in Red

    Surprise your loved ones with this superb and full of New Year joy arrangement. The New Year is here , so fulfill the hearts with happiness and magic feelings. It is so easy to make someone happy only you have to do is to send all your love with this marvelous arrangement. Read more
  27. Passion


    Express your passionate desire with this red rose bouquet where the unique white rose holds a special place in the ensemble and let her know how important she is to you. Read more
  28. You Are The One

    You Are The One

    The perfect way to tell her that she stands out from the crowd Read more
  29. Especially for You

    Especially for You

    A simple, stunning bouquet of flowers, appropriate for a man as well as for woman, perfect for birthdays, "congratulations" or "just because" gifts Read more
  30. Delicate Fragrance

    Delicate Fragrance

    Break away into a beautiful dream with this unique and delicate Read more
  31. Love Red Roses Bouquet

    Love Red Roses Bouquet

    One of a kind bouquet of elegant red Roses Read more
  32. Spirit of Christmas and New Year

    Spirit of Christmas and New Year

    Complete the Christmas and New Year atmosphere with joy of giving a gorgeous bouquet of red roses wich will transmit the best wishes. This exceptional bouquet as a gift is heart touching. It can be sent as a gift for Christmas and New Year Holidays. Read more

    Regular Price: $105.00

    Special Price: $94.50

  33. Elegance


    An elegant arrangement created with beautiful Orchids, Freesias and Anthurium for a distinguished and elegant person. Read more
  34. Fragrance of Christmas

    Fragrance of Christmas

    Fell the sweet Christmas fragrance with this superb arrangement. Send the perfect gift to your friends to show them how much you apreciate them. Throught a simple gesture you give the flavour and Christmas spirit. Read more
  35. Exotic Extravagance

    Exotic Extravagance

    A floral arrangement full of extravagance, where Orchids and Anthurium flowers form a dynamic duo bound to impress even the most demanding tastes Read more
  36. Innocent Perfume

    Innocent Perfume

    The pure white color of Orchids and the fragrance of Freesias make this arrangement the perfect gift that can be offered to your loved ones. Read more
  37. Most Precious

    Most Precious

    A perfect gift for a loved-one or even your soul mate Read more
  38. Cheerful Combination

    Cheerful Combination

    White Roses, Lilies and red Anthurium meet in a joyful yet suave and elegant arrangement, meant to bring a cheerful vibe to any room and for any occasion. Read more
  39. Spring Starts with You

    Spring Starts with You

    A joyful flower bouquet, full of color and romance which will bring the Spring smile on your loves one's face. Is not just a perfect Spring gift, but is also the best way to tell her how much she means to you. The abundance of color and the perfect fragrance of each delicate flower make from this bouquet the best way to say "Spring starts with you!" Read more

    Regular Price: $109.00

    Special Price: $98.00

  40. Christmas Joy

    Christmas Joy

    Complete the Christmas Holiday with a gorgeous and shyning arrangement made in the spirit of Christmas. Surprise your loved ones with this beautifull and full of joy arrangement and tell them what they really mean to you. Send them all your love and good thoughts. Read more
  41. Wild Dream

    Wild Dream

    We gave free rein to our imagination and we created this unique bouquet in which passionate red Carnations blend perfectly with the natural green of Brassica flowers. Read more
  42. Hugs and Kisses

    Hugs and Kisses

    An impressive arrangement that is both charming and extravagant Read more
  43. Sangria Bouquet

    Sangria Bouquet

    The strong message sent by the 21 red Carnation bunch is the one of sincere and passionate love Read more
  44. Floral Extravaganza

    Floral Extravaganza

    This wonderful decorative piece brings together a selection of daring looking flowers into an extravagant ceramic vase that will surely impress from the very first sight. Read more
  45. Natural Touch

    Natural Touch

    An elegant and refined mix of white Roses and green Orchids designed for a variety of occasions and fit to blend in a wide range of interiors. Read more
  46. Love Letter

    Love Letter

    Send a floral message of love in the form of this enchanting arrangement. Read more
  47. Blue Angel Bouquet

    Blue Angel Bouquet

    The breathtaking beauty and sweet fragrance of this bouquet will definitely make anybody feel heavenly Read more
  48. Diamond Gloss

    Diamond Gloss

    In a dramatic mix of colors and a refined selection of glossy textured flowers and accessories, this arrangement is set to impress even the finest tastes and is the precious gem of our collections. Read more
  49. Carnival of Colors

    Carnival of Colors

    This joyful arrangement of an outstanding beauty offers an elegant collection of vibrant-toned flowers: pink/red/orange tones Amaryllis, pink Tulips, violet Hyacinths and so much more Read more
  50. Cheer Up!

    Cheer Up!

    This bouquet is an enchanting vision of joy expressed through floral beauty and is perfect to cheer up anybody’s day Read more
  51. Unique and Delicate

    Unique and Delicate

    The colors and shapes of the delicate Orchids and Hyacinths give a special elegance to this arrangement. Read more
  52. Flower Song

    Flower Song

    Orchids, Brassica and Hortensias come together in a choir of vivid colors and shapes, ready to brighten up any room with their fresh tune. Read more
  53. Thinking of You

    Thinking of You

    It’s hard to be apart but it’s important to let the others know you are thinking of them Read more
  54. Drops of Heaven

    Drops of Heaven

    If Heaven were to rain down on Earth, it would be with this precious looking bouquet of pastel colored roses and orchids with sprinkles of ornamental flowers Read more
  55. Amorous Love : 12 Premium Red Roses : FREE Vase

    Amorous Love : 12 Premium Red Roses : FREE Vase

    The most romantic gesture of all times: offering a 12 red Roses bouquet. This gift speaks for itself and it’s meant to impress through its simple yet revealing message: I love you! Read more
  56. Fabulous Red Roses Bouquet

    Fabulous Red Roses Bouquet

    MAKE HER FEEL UNIQUE. This fabulous bouquet of 12 red roses is the ultimate in quality and style. These roses with their velvety petals and the deepest, dramatic shade of red are thep erfect choice if you’re keen to make a fabulos impression.

    Read more
  57. Dreaming of You

    Dreaming of You

    Day or night, a true dreamer can break away from reality while thinking of their loved one, with or without their eyes closed Read more
  58. Magical Elegance

    Magical Elegance

    Surround your dear one with the elegant fragrance of this unique mix of flowers. Read more
  59. Romantic Whisper

    Romantic Whisper

    When you feel too shy to express your romantic feelings, surprise your special someone with this romantic bouquet that will whisper to her heart how you really feel about her. Read more
  60. Infinite Blue

    Infinite Blue

    Sophisticated and charming, this arrangement is sure to conquer the heart of your loved ones Read more
  61. My Sweet Valentine

    My Sweet Valentine

    Don’t hold back from the unique occasion to declare to your sweetheart that she’s your Valentine! Read more
  62. Sweetest Thoughts

    Sweetest Thoughts

    This playful mix of small and colorful flowers sends the sweetest thoughts to a delicate person who enjoys a delightful surprise. Read more
  63. Love Messenger

    Love Messenger

    Roses, Chrysanthemums and Gerberas, charmingly arranged in a sensual and romantic bouquet, come together to be the messenger of your love Read more
  64. Shining Stars

    Shining Stars

    If you’ve seen the beauty of the stars shine in her eyes, the best way to tell her is with this amazing Roses, Orchids and Peonies arrangement Read more
  65. Exotic Heat

    Exotic Heat

    This amazing arrangement is made by an exotic mix of Vanda Orchids and Craspedia flowers that will heat up the shy and delicate cheeks of a real special lady. Read more
  66. Mad About You

    Mad About You

    A distinguished and unique combination of Roses, Orchids and Anthurium in an arrangement that will light up any room. A perfect gift for a special person. Read more
  67. Secret Garden

    Secret Garden

    Surprising floral treasures are waiting to be discovered in this impressive bouquet made from delicate Gladioli, perfectly combined with the natural Carnations. Read more
  68. Floral Cocktail

    Floral Cocktail

    Roses, Gladioli and Carnations brace themselves in this great bouquet, offering a complex blend of feelings and emotions Read more
  69. Natural and Exotic

    Natural and Exotic

    A lovely arrangement of pure, natural beauty that can only come from far, exotic places Read more
  70. Heaven on Earth

    Heaven on Earth

    This arrangement bursts to light a fragment of grace and elegance that can only bring peace to one’s heart! Read more
  71. Beauty Everywhere

    Beauty Everywhere

    For the ones with a pure soul and an open heart, beauty is everywhere around. Read more
  72. Refinement and Glamour

    Refinement and Glamour

    When you wish to make someone shine, make sure to send them this arrangement full of elegance and charm. Read more
  73. Remember Me

    Remember Me

    Be a part of a special someone’s dear memories with the sweet fragrance, delicacy and color of this one-of-kind bouquet. Read more
  74. Smooth Shades

    Smooth Shades

    From light to dark colors, delightful flowers come together to melt one’s heart and bring joy into their life Read more
  75. Hugs and Kisses

    Hugs and Kisses

    Make every day a special one and don’t hold back from sending your warm hugs and tender kisses to the one you hold dear Read more
  76. Delightful Arrangement

    Delightful Arrangement

    A refined association of delicate Orchids, shy Roses and elegant Tulips impress with a charming fragrance and a balanced color palette Read more
  77. 5 cryogenic blue rose + 1 pink phalenopsis orchid - Custom Order
  78. Magical Arrangement

    Magical Arrangement

    Prepare to amaze anyone receiving this astonishing arrangement with its magic tricks well hidden between the cheerful Roses, Orchids, Tulips and Gladioli Read more
  79. Purple Breeze

    Purple Breeze

    A stylish arrangement meant to cheer like a smooth, unpredictable breeze. Read more
  80. Amour


    A beautiful, elegant bouquet made of 21 red Roses, artfully arranged to send out your ultimate expression of love Read more
  81. Sweet Memories

    Sweet Memories

    Create a special moment in someone’s life and offer your consideration for all the unique time spent together. Read more
  82. Sweetheart Arrangement

    Sweetheart Arrangement

    Lilies, Roses, Tulips and Peonies brace in an elegant and romantic arrangement designed for an unforgettable moment Read more
  83. Love and Devotion : 2 Dozen Premium Red Roses : FREE Vase

    Love and Devotion : 2 Dozen Premium Red Roses : FREE Vase

    Designed for a truly remarkable statement, the two dozens of Roses will surely impress and melt the heart of your loved one. Read more
  84. Royal Bouquet

    Royal Bouquet

    Elegance. Distinction. Style. All in one bouquet. Make her feel like a queen with this delighting calas and roses bouquet. Read more
  85. Charming Moments

    Charming Moments

    Refreshing and colorful Roses, Orchids, Tulips, Chrysanthemums and Amaryllis are like small glimpses of charming times spent together and a promise of more to come. Read more
  86. Welcome


    This creative, floral stork can be the center-piece of one of the most precious events in one’s life. Read more
  87. Tender Distinction

    Tender Distinction

    The tenderness and elegance of the flowers in this arrangement provide a true colorful spectacle that crowns the special moments spent with your loved ones Read more
  88. Heart and Soul

    Heart and Soul

    The most sincere and powerful statement of love, designed in the shape of a heart, ready to be offered Read more
  89. Heart and Feelings

    Heart and Feelings

    Feel free to express your feeling to your soul mate. Tell her how much she means to you by offering her this gorgeous heart made from 25 red roses. It is a real statement of love. Available only to be delivered in BUCHAREST. Read more
  90. Magic Moment

    Magic Moment

    An Exquisite selection of flowers with warm shades full of charm and romance. Read more
  91. Flowers Dance

    Flowers Dance

    A perfect arrangement that seems to have emerged from a fairy tale. Read more
  92. Magic Bouquet

    Magic Bouquet

    This cheerful bouquet of yellow, green and pink blossoms brings happiness and magic to anyone who receives it. Read more
  93. Enigmatic Smile

    Enigmatic Smile

    Dare to capture her glance and steal her heart away with this colorful yet refinement arrangement. Read more
  94. Imagination Grandeur

    Imagination Grandeur

    A dynamic splash of color is brought into your life by the tenderness of Roses, fragrance of Orchids, finesse of Anthurium and gentleness of Hortensia flower in this intricate composition. Read more
  95. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

    Birthdays are special events that deserve a particular approach and this one of a kind arrangement can become the perfect gift. Read more
  96. Colors Miracle

    Colors Miracle

    An elegant and temperate selection of Roses, Orchids, Anthurium and Freesia reveal their magical colors while held together in a delightful basket. Read more
  97. Morning Smile

    Morning Smile

    Create a sensational way to start the day and make sure to light up a smile from your loved one from the very first hour of the morning. Read more
  98. Deep in your heart

    Deep in your heart

    101 most beautifull red roses was put toghether in a pure heart to show how much she means to you. Give this gorgeous arrangement full of passion and joy to bring all the happiness in the world in your beloved life . Available only to be delivered in BUCHAREST. Read more
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